March 30, 2021

Since the inception of the Sydney Theatre Awards in 2005, the annual awards for professional theatre in Sydney have been judged by a panel of Sydney theatre critics. With an expanding theatre industry, and changes in the media landscape, personal circumstances and priorities, it has been decided to expand the voting to include additional people from within the theatre industry. From 2021 onwards there will be different panels for Mainstage productions, Independent theatre, Musicals, and Children’s and Young Peoples theatre. For the 2021 Awards, the panels for Independent Theatre and Children’s and Young Peoples theatre will be bolstered by respected industry members, with other changes planned for the future.

The Sydney Theatre Awards panels for 2021 include but are not limited to:

MAINSTAGE THEATRE PANEL – Deborah Jones (The Australian), Jade Kops (BroadwayWorld), Jo Litson (Limelight), John McCallum (The Australian), Cassie Tongue (Sydney Morning Herald/The Guardian), Suzy Wrong (Suzy Goes See)

INDEPENDENT THEATRE PANEL – Jason Blake (Audrey Journal), Harriet Cunningham (Sydney Morning Herald), Bernadette Fam (director/dramaturg/writer/producer), Imogen Gardam (Griffin), Sarah Odillo Maher (Ensemble), Dom Mercer (Belvoir), Kenneth Moraleda (actor/director), Catherine Swallow (Riverside Theatres)

MUSICALS PANEL – Deborah Jones (The Australian), Jade Kops (BroadwayWorld), Jo Litson (Limelight), John Shand (Sydney Morning Herald), Cassie Tongue (Sydney Morning Herald/ The Guardian), Suzy Wrong (Suzy Goes See)

CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S PANEL – John McCallum (The Australian), Amy Matthews (Riverside Theatres), Josh Maxwell (Jopuka Productions), Danielle O’Keefe (The House that Dan Built), Ian Phipps (ABC Radio)

Other special awards will be decided by the core group of critics.

The guidelines for eligibility for awards are simple:

  • Awards are given annually for new productions that have opened on Sydney stages in the calendar year of voting
  • Only Australian performers and creatives are eligible. International performers and creatives are ineligible, even if they are working on Australian produced shows
  • Productions are eligible only in the year they commence in Sydney - remounts of the same show are ineligible, although replacement cast are eligible.

The 2020/21 Sydney Theatre Awards ceremony will be held in late January 2022.

The Sydney Theatre Awards gratefully thanks major sponsor The Seaborn, Broughton and Walford Foundation, as well as other sponsors: William Fletcher Foundation, Showcast, Currency Press, Ticketmaster, Hayes Theatre Co, Bellbird Cottages, Actors Benevolent Fund, ACMN, JPJ Audio, the Seymour Centre and Helen Constance.



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